Limited Edition: Not A Gin & Tonic
Limited Edition: Not A Gin & Tonic
Limited Edition: Not A Gin & Tonic

Limited Edition: Not A Gin & Tonic

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Project: 0004: Not A Gin & Tonic.

This project is something a little different... as the name may suggest. 

As the days get a little hotter we find ourselves reaching more and more for a refreshing lager, and every one now and then a crisp gin & tonic..

So we started to think- maybe we can have the best of both worlds in one can?

Crazy? Impossible? A pipe dream? 
Should beer science be pushed to these fringes of possibility? 

Will such madness open up some form of a beery black hole? 
Only one way to find out. 

We got to brewing immediately- creating a traditional straight down the line lager as our backbone. Crisp as can be, brilliantly refreshing and built for days when the mercury climbs a little too high. 
We then spiked it with a traditional London dry gin-
Legally we can't say which one.. but let's just say it rhymes with "Hankury" and comes in a green bottle...

We then added a couple of fresh limes into the mix to top it off and BOOM! 

Gin Lager was born. 

A true exploration of what beer can be. 

Different? Certainly. 
Delicious? Absolutely. 
Gone too soon? Without a doubt.

Our project beers are limited to 150 4 packs- once they're gone, they're gone. 

So purchase here to make sure you don't miss out. 

We will also be pouring 1 small keg this weekend in the shop.

Pick up in-store after 4pm

4 X 375mL cans - 5.6% ABV

Limited Edition: Not A Gin & Tonic