Limited Edition: Apricot Sour Beer / SOLD OUT
Limited Edition: Apricot Sour Beer / SOLD OUT
Limited Edition: Apricot Sour Beer / SOLD OUT

Limited Edition: Apricot Sour Beer / SOLD OUT

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Welcome to the Order Of The Owl- and to our second limited edition project beer.
Every month we release a new style of beer for our members to try and explore. These ultra-limited edition beers are crafted by us here in Shepparton, by night, as we continue our own journey into what beer can be. 

Project: 0002: Apricot Sour.

As summer kicks into gear and the thermometer begins to rise we are all needing something juicy and refreshing to help us keep our cool. For us, there is nothing more refreshing than a slightly tart Berliner Weisse alongside some nostalgicly juicy stone fruit!

So we combined the two! Taking local Apricots and fusing them with a traditional recipe, crafting the perfect hot weather kettle soured Berliner Weisse that we'd been craving. We added Apricots in at multiple stages of the brewing process to really make sure the flavor came through, and soured this beer for multiple days till it hit the "damn that's refreshing" check box. A perfect beer to have by the pool and over Christmas lunch. 

Trust us, this thing will evaporate from your schooner- it's that good.

This little unit is slightly sour, a little farmhouse funky, gently sweet, and of course- filled with apricot flavors.

For seasoned sour drinkers it's a walk in the park, and for first-time sour beer fans- it's a perfect crushable introduction to a summery style of beer like no other. 

This batch is limited to only 150 four packs- once it's gone, it's gone. 

So purchase here to make sure you don't miss out. 

We will also be pouring 1 small keg this weekend in the shop.

4 X 375mL cans - 5.2% ABV

Limited Edition: Apricot Sour Beer / SOLD OUT