Where are you located?
172 Maude St, Shepparton Victoria.

How many beers do you have?
Right now we have 2 core range beers Aussie session ale and Dry Lager. These are always available. We also have Limited releases that come out on the first friday of every month. 

Is Wild Life super fruity and crafty?
Not really! Everyone has a different palate and is at their own stage in their beer journey though- but for most people, our Aussie Session Ale is pretty tame. It's biscuity with a smooth bitterness and a little tropical nose on it.
Is Wild Life Available all the time?
Our shop is only open Thursday - Saturday 12pm-7pm for the time being, but our beer is always available and consistent. If you need to pick up a slab outside our hours, your best place to do so right now is Chas Cole Cellars Shepparton.

Is Wild Life available in Dan Murphys?
Yes! We are available in Dans in Shepparton, Ballarat, Albury, Bendigo, Wangaratta and Echuca. You can also buy online for delivery Aus wide.

Where is the beer made?
We gypsy brew on larger systems just outside of Shepparton, as well as make limited releases on our kit in Shepparton. 
This ensures the beer is always available and at the highest quality.

What is the members club?
The Members Club is our family. They are our first and most dedicated beers fans, and because they are Members they get a say on what beer we make and our future brewery. The club is limited to 800 people at this stage.

How do I make sure I get invited to events and new beer meetings?
You join the Members Club!

Do you ship outside of Victoria?

Do you deliver?
Yes we do!
We deliver locally (The Goulburn Valley) for free.
Everywhere else will require postage.
When you check out online, just tick where you live!

Why are there only going to be 800 WLBC members?
800 Members is the perfect amount we believe to get a good read on the town's public opinion. It's extremely important to us that when we build our brewery, the town has a say in every part of it. It's being built for you after all.

I own a restaurant or bar, who should I talk to about stocking Wild Life?
Shoot an email to: sales@wildlifebrewing.co

Why is craft beer so important?
Local and craft beer stands for so much more than just delicious tasting beer. It's about what we all deserve, as loyal beer fans we deserve the highest quality products that are made with love and care. Not just the bottom line in mind.
We have to think about beer the same way we think about food, as something that should be made with love and care and that is ending up in your body at the end of the day. So it better be bloody good stuff.

Can I come in and have a taste before I buy?
Of course you can! Pop down between Thursday - Saturday 2pm - late