Here at Wild Life Brewing Co, we keep it simple.
We're a small team of mates who grew up in country Victoria, that's why when we started brewing our first beers we knew that we had to make something simply delicious- and made for the way people drink in the country.

For us, that means making consistent, high-quality beers that are affordable- because us country folk are social buggers and you always need a slab in the shed fridge just in case someone happens to pop by.

We are all about celebrating your best life, your Wild Life...
Whether that be out on the boat or just sitting back and doing what you love the most. We want to help you celebrate the incredible freedom we all have living in the country.

We've got big plans for our small town too, we are working on building a glorious state of the art brewery in Shepparton very soon- a new hub of the community that can not only employ plenty of locals but also become a regional tourism gem.

First things first though, we wanted to just focus on making amazing beer for the town- right now. So at the moment, we gypsy brew on a few different systems in victoria to keep our beer flowing and at the highest quality. This way, James and Rhys can develop amazing recipes with the town and then scale them up slightly so there is enough to go round. Better beer for all!

We are all about where we live and the people that make it all possible, that's why we have the WLBC Members Club, so that every big decision we make (including where and what our brewery looks like) is a decision made by the people and for the people. By joining the exclusive team of 800 members, you are guaranteeing your say not only for Wild Life Brewing but for Shepparton.

So what are you waiting for, grab yourself a frosty six-pack and join the crew!

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